Hoya pachyclada (?)

A new hoya in my collection, acquired in the spring of 2012,  grew quickly in my house conditions and I highly recommend it for its early blooming and compact growing.

It grew nicely during warm and hot months, then it stopped during autumn and winter. I gave it water rarely considering the leaves which are succulent -like. I read about pachyclada having red edges on leaves, but mine has just green leaves.

pachyclada  DSCN9673

DSCN9676  DSCN9696

DSCN9796  DSCN9818





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2012 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 7,600 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 13 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

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New hoya cuttings

As this year was so bad for my kohlerias, gloxinia, achimenes and mini sinningias due to extreme heat and I lost so many of them, my intention is not to  recover my collection with same  plants (the lost ones). I had to try something that grows well in my home conditions no matter how  and what the weather and season are . I try growing new hoya plants because they are succulents and  love summer days and humidity. The only problem I have to take care is the humidity as the air is too dry around here…

The cuttings were kept in moist coconut fiber in a small plastic greenhouse, and removed from there when the roots could  be seen through clear plastic cups. So far, so good, I lost some of them during last year and this one I was more careful about rooting and watering. Still I lost Hoya lobbii 😦 maybe because of too much watering. Normally I pour little water and often than lot of water and less frequently.

The next big step is to manage growing  and keeping them alive over  winter time when we have freezeing temperatures outside. Indoor I keep the heating system on 25 Celsius and for humidity weekly showers and/or spraying water on their leaves from time to time.


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Achimenes Stan’s delight in 2012

It did not bloom until now, in late autumn.The flowers are tiny , smaller than last year, but their beauty remained the same.


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Achimenes Cote d’Ivoire

A very beautiful achimenes, with pale yellow flower and pale lavender edges which turn darker when temperature is cooler.

It’s blooming so late because we had extreme summer heat this year, some of my achimenes dried and died…very disappointing as they are so hard to find and buy.

I am wondering if I should buy more rhizomes and try again next year ?



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Red Tigrina

The heat wave is still here, for two months already, all my plants are suffering because it’s too hot. My achimenes did not grow for weeks, did not form buds, they just stagnate.This is really frustrating and disappointing.

This gloxinia grows in my office where the temperature is almost constant around 25 Celsius.

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Achimenes Hugues Aufray – color changes due to growing conditions

And my wish came true sooner than I expected 🙂

A few days with rain, clouds and cooler temperatures helped me notice the color differences at achimenes Hugues Aufray’s buds. Even if the flowers did not open yet, the darker edges can be  already seen. For sure the flowers will be stunning !

I must say I find this phenomenon really amazing and for better analysis of changes produced due to growing conditions I will post the photos of flowers grown at cooler temperatures versus those grown at hot temperature each time I will have this opportunity. All I need is the weather to keep on changing once in a while.Who would thought a 5 Celsius degrees difference should make such a beautiful change  ?



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Hoya carnosa krinkle 8 flowers

They did not open completely but the pink shade  can be seen already compared to my other  hoya carnosa flowers which are white.

Other differences:

– the fragrance,  Krinkle 8’s smell reminds me of cocoa;

– the leaves, Krinkle 8’s  leaves are more interesting because they have dimples;

– carnosa grows fast, krinkle 8  grows  slower;

– carnosa has a twining growth, krinkle 8 has a cascading growth;



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Achimenes “Hugues Aufray”

The second achimenes which bloomed for me this year is a bright yellow one,  the edges of the petals being pinkish, salmon or pale lilac, erect stems and light green leaves.  The color of the edges varies depending on growing conditions from pale lilac to purple.

It is probably named  after a french singer.

Considering the 35 Celsius temperature we have now, I must wait for cool days to see darker edges.But for the next 2-3 months there is no hope for cooler days.


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The achimenes first flower in 2012

It is obviously Purple King, the old, classic achimenes and reliable one. I must say all of my achimenes were really lazy this year, they sprouted late, made buds in June or others have no buds at all 😦

And another yellow surprise is on the way…



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